The Tech Making Our Homes Energy Efficient

A combination of both economic factors and environmental factors is increasing public interest in energy-efficient homes. The availability of suitable technology also means that more and more homes are starting to incorporate both modern and traditional elements of energy efficiency.

An increasingly eco-friendly building sector

The building sector and the real estate market have seen an increasing emphasis on the eco-friendly qualities of properties. This affects renovated buildings as well as newly developed homes. One reason is a growing awareness of the burden that traditional residences can place on the environment in terms of wasted heat, overuse of energy, and excess waste. However, another reason is that homeowners are becoming more cognizant of the amount of money that it is possible to save in the long term by using technology to decrease fuel bills, and to be more self-contained in terms of energy usage and energy production.

Benefits of energy efficiency in the home

On an economic level, domestic finances over the long term can see significant improvements when technology is used in the home to minimize the use of energy. Perhaps the most obvious first steps to take are in methods of heating and insulating the home. However, technology is making it possible for a domestic homeowner to take many more steps to save money on energy. In a wider context, such changes are also beneficial for the environment. As public awareness grows concerning the real effects of climate change, and the ways in which human activity contributes to this, more and more homeowners are seeking ways to minimize their carbon footprint in day-to-day life.

Key technologies in eco-friendly homes

Some of the changes that homeowners can make in becoming more eco-friendly are now very simple, given the wider availability of a few key technologies. These relatively straightforward upgrades include the following:

  • Energy-efficient lighting. Simply switching to environmentally friendly lighting, such as LED, can reduce power usage and therefore reduce electricity bills.
  • Properly insulated and protected windows. The windows are a key area of heat loss, and additions such as window shutters can help to significantly reduce energy usage.
  • Solar panels. Advances in photovoltaic technology mean that solar energy is now firmly within reach for domestic uses. The energy generated from sunshine and solar panels can significantly cut reliance on mains electricity, and reduce the associated bills.
  • Efficient roofing. Contemporary technology means that roofing is now available that not only reduces heat loss and water run-off but also reflects sunlight for more efficient solar energy production.
  • Recycled materials. Much of the environmental load of a new home comes from the production of building materials. However, with improvements in recycling technology, more products on the market incorporate recycled material.

In summary

While eco-friendly properties have had a presence within the general building stock for some years, they have often been seen as the preserve of a certain subset of homeowners. Trends in technology development, however, now mean that many eco-friendly elements are increasingly available for domestic use in the mainstream. The effect for homeowners is long-term savings on energy usage and costs, and a reduced impact on the environment.

The Rise Of Telecoms Giants in The Middle East

In the modern age, telecommunications have come to be seen as essential to a country’s economy. Increasingly the haves and have-nots are defined as those countries with access to modern telecommunications, and those without. Countries on the wrong side of this digital divide are disenfranchised and disadvantaged. Conversely, an efficient mobile phone network and internet service can transform an underprivileged nation, allowing it to function in a truly global context for the first time.

Until relatively recently, the Middle East had barely any internet access or mobile phone coverage. Now, with a handful of notable exceptions, such services are widely available throughout the region. New infrastructures and digital systems have been developed to facilitate telecommunications of an increasingly high standard. And while initial telecommunications investments in the region were controlled by governments, the field is now open to competition in the name of greater efficiency.

Regional networks

In the Gulf region, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen and Saudi Arabia have established a joint fibre-optic network known as FARAJ or FOG that links up all six states. This inter-regional network is connected to the global FLAG cable system. In Afghanistan, Afghan Wireless was established as a joint venture between the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Telephone Systems International.

The man behind Telephone Systems International, and subsequently Afghan Wireless, was Ehsan Bayat. Bayat left his native Afghanistan as a teenage refugee from the Soviet invasion in 1980, and subsequently earned a BSc in Engineering Technology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the United States. On returning to his homeland, Bayat was determined to modernize Afghanistan’s struggling telecommunications sector. He established the country’s first mobile phone network in 2002, and later launched Ariana radio and television, which now reaches an audience of 25m in Afghanistan and abroad. In addition to this, the charitable Bayat Foundation provides medical care, educational opportunities, food, clothing, shelter and clean drinking water to those most in need in the country.

Engines of growth

Telecommunications are not only vital to business, but provide access to education, news and culture. The internet supplies a choice of news sources and opinions, encouraging democracy and greater freedom of thought. Films and music are also made more widely available, and the internet provides an accessible distribution platform for the burgeoning home-grown film and music industries. Telecommunications are transforming the Middle East, levelling the playing field and bringing the region onto the right side of the digital divide.        

The Technological Innovation Called React Js

React JS is basically a JavaScript library that can be used to design HTML pages. It is a technological innovation it solves a long standing problem in applications whose data changed over a period of time. It can be used to create user interfaces for social networks like Facebook or Instagram for instance.

The future is waiting for it

React JS is a technological innovation which is currently about to make a huge impact on the web development industry concerned. It uses a simple as well as a declarative approach to deal with the issue of designing applications of considerable size with changing data. In the simple approach, the appearance of the application needs to be dealt with. The changes in the data is updated automatically with a corresponding change in the user interface. In the declarative approach the code is so designed that only the alterations are recognized and altered.

Through these approaches, it becomes evident that React JS would greatly improve as well as accelerate the process of designing dynamic web pages. While using React JS one has to only build the components since the code can be reused for any alteration necessary. This also makes the testing of different components much easier since the process of separation is also rendered much easier than before.

Other advantages of React JS

Another advantage of using React JS lies in the fact that it can be used in a client or a web browser as well as on the server itself thereby making it better suited and efficient for SEO as compared to other JavaScript technologies that are currently in circulation.

Since React JS is an upcoming JavaScript innovation that solves several problems, it is definitely an improvement on old JavaScript technologies. The knowledge of React JS is highly valued as far as the field of web development nowadays is concerned. A person with the requisite knowledge of this technology would be naturally therefore be well rewarded financially. One can also use the knowledge of this technology to realize one’s own projects coming up with something that can be truly pathbreaking. For learning React JS one should be well versed with the technique of learning to design components first. There are websites that can be helpful through learning guides. This tutorial is once such website that provides great help to anyone who wishes to learn this innovative JavaScript technology that keeps them abreast of the latest developments in JavaScript technology.

The Ultimate Workout Bluetooth Headphones by Rokit Boost

Workout Bluetooth headphones have exploded in popularity. You simply cannot beat them for the convenience they offer, as you no longer need to have a cable connecting the headset to your device during your workouts. The Bluetooth technology, on the other hand, has become a standard for short range, high speed and wireless connection, and there are numerous manufacturers who have actually climbed on the bandwagon. More manufacturers lead to tough competition, and tough competition offers more options and drives the prices down.

Best Workout Headphones


The success and effectiveness of your workout totally relies on staying motivated, so if the music you listen to is your drug of choice, there is nothing worse than your headphones falling out as you press your legs, or the buds you have with you completely burn out a mile into your run. Now you will find yourself stuck with these faulty earphones and will not be able to focus much on your workout. And without any music, the sound of clanking weights and heavy sighs, or worse the conversation between people around turns out to be your new training and workout soundtrack.

Aspects To Consider When Buying The Best Workout Bluetooth Headphones

The best workout Bluetooth headphones for listening to music or sitting at your computer may not be the best ones that you can put in your ears while you are working out to shed some extra pounds. Any movements or activity is going to make them fall out and close ear models or noise isolation will make it difficult to hear your surroundings, but obviously you would prefer having good audio quality for your money. You must get the ultimate workout Bluetooth headphones to ensure your workout sessions at the gym go uninterrupted and completely focused.

There are some vital aspects that need to be taken into considering while you want to buy workout Bluetooth headphones when you are about to hit the gym or go for a run. Audio or sound quality is one of the prime aspects along with durability, flexibility, price, fit, and great comfort.

Best Workout Bluetooth Headphones by Rokit Boost


With their comfortable headband, flexible design and superior sound quality, the Swage Sport Bluetooth earphones by Rokit Boost allow users to have easy, relaxed and hands-free eavesdropping while they are jogging, on a run, cross fit, or having some quality workout at the gym.

The SWAGE Sport has been integrated with Bluetooth V4.0 technology, which indicates the higher standards it is meeting for wireless connectivity. AtpX® upkeep the headset’s wireless competence for superior-level Bluetooth stereo sound quality.

If you are looking for Workout Bluetooth Headphones, then getting the ultimate workout Bluetooth headphones by Rokit Boost is the best option to opt for.

Even in 2015 backlinks are still important for SEO

There are different factors search Engines use to rank a website in a web search, backlinks are one of them. Backlinks used to be one of the major factor back then, however the myths surround that links are not valued as much as they were before.

However, conduct a Google search for ‘click here’ you will be still amazed to see website dominating the result while other related sites like lies below. Conduct a small research to go through the adobe website that ranks top and you would not see anything like ‘click here’ in the content.

Despite the Panda update was rolled back in 2011 that took care of low quality articles and contents, backlinks are still important. There may be some factors like quality content that came into action but links are still number one referral which refers Google that your website deserves ranking.

Same thing happened with my website ImgUp. Imgup is a free image hosting website that ranked somewhere in sixth page a couple of weeks ago for my keyword. All I did was I started a link building campaigns, spent couple of pennies to get some links and yes, the search position increased. From sixth page to second page within couple of weeks and the results were overwhelming as the organic traffic increased more than double.

Despite link building is important, over optimization might hurt your SEO, so there are major things you need to take care of. I consulted with one of the IT firm in Nepal, Orange Tech, they helped me with my SEO and guided me in link building process throughout the campaign.

What I made sure was the link that I built was as natural as possible. For that I shuffled through the anchor texts and links to my website. This means I not only built links with my main keywords and just to the home page, I gathered links to different internal pages as well and I did not work with single keyword anchor texts, There were hundreds of anchor text keywords that I used to make sure that this was looking natural to Google.

As I have stated above that I made backlinks to the blogs, I did not share my strategy on how I built it. I made a lot of guest posts, added forum links, directory links and most importantly I invested to buy links, especially from fiverr. Although the links in fiverr are not that of a quality, however quality backlinks like guest post combined with those low profiles links would do wonder for SEO.

Beside I also worked with a blog, as I had no blog for my website earlier, I started writing on a blog for my website and then gained some backlinks for that as well. I worked with interlinking and that helped even better. So as a conclusion, the case study proved that a website that adapts changes and loads with more contents are loved by search engines.

As a result, my website can be seen at second page for my main keywords and ranks for couple of other keywords that helped me grow my organic traffic more than double.

Home Alarm System – The Basic Things You Should Know

An alarm system is not only for the safety of the valuable possessions but in addition to that it is important for the safety of the people living in the house. Every year, millions of burglaries occurs and more than half of the burglaries occurs in residential homes. If you are in search of a home alarm system, then it is better to know this fact that a variety of options are available in the market. Most of the people with a desire to give their family a safe living space uses a  alarm system in order to ensure that their family gets excellent level of security from unwanted danger of the outside world. If you are looking for the best home alarm system, then you should consider going through the alarm system reviews. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big house or small with a home alarm system you can easily make a safe place. Know this fact that even burglars analyzes the security of the house and if you will keep it updated and tight, then for sure you can avoid or decrease the chances of occurrence of any burglary in your locality.

Stop worrying about the security of your home

By installing a hi-tech home alarm system in your house, you won’t have to worry about anything. You will be able to leave your house and enjoy your vacation or trip at some other place and you will have a peace of mind too. Always try to keep the best and advanced home alarm system in order to add that extra edge to your security. There are a number of things which you will have to take under consideration while selecting an alarm system of your house. The very first thing will be your budget. Know this fact that the more you will spend the better you will get.

You shouldn’t settle with the cheapest option because generally they are of no use, you should consider buying new and improved alarm systems in order to add extra security to your house. It is true that such home alarm systems will be a bit expensive, but after comparing the benefits which such exceptional home alarm systems have with their price, you will find that they are worth spending that much amount of money.

You shouldn’t purchase any home alarm system blindly. For getting the best deal you will have to shop around. You can also go for online shopping as there you will get a variety of options in a single place.

How To Transform Your PC Into An Impenetrable Fortress

Staying safe on the internet is quite difficult but at the same time necessary. Most of our daily work requires the use of computers but how can one really feel safe when there are a large number of viruses, spyware and malware wreaking havoc on the internet? Microsoft Windows has always been a major target for the hackers other than some of the famous products such as Firefox, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Java. Apple’s OSX, which was considered to be safe at one point, can now be hacked as well.

Internet safety is important but worry not as we have got you covered. We have listed some major points here which will help ensure the safety of your computer.

Using A Firewall

The firewall acts as a barrier. It stops most of the malicious traffic coming your computer’s way, thus ensuring its security. A firewall can be a piece of software or hardware but its main purpose of keeping everything on the computer safe will stay the same. Usually, you connect to the internet through a router. This piece of hardware, mostly, has a firewall of its own to block networking threats from affecting your PC.

Scan For Viruses

Almost everyone has an anti-virus installed on their computers but it is usually turned off because nobody likes it when it slows down the PC or interferes with the regular activity. The best way to keep things running this way is to run a scan every single day. Viruses can make their way to your computer via e-mail, torrents, websites, clicking on a link, and numerous other ways. The only way you can put a stop to this is by having an up-to-date anti-virus installed on your PC which is activated all the time or at least, it is scanning the whole hard disc drive on a regular basis.


Viruses have been around for quite some time now and there are multiple ways to avoid them or get rid of them. However, it is quite difficult to spot a spyware because they come without any warning. Spyware doesn’t pose too much of a threat to your computer but it can take your privacy away in an instant. They are hackers’ one of the most favorite tools.

Be Smart

When on internet, people carelessly click on links, ads, spams etc, without giving any thought which end up getting their computers infected. This can easily be avoided if you just educate yourself a bit and start using the internet smartly. Following are some pointers that will help you avoid malware:

  • Don’t open scam e-mails
  • Don’t click on the links that you have no knowledge about
  • Don’t install anything without searching about it first
  • Don’t open attachments unless they are from a trusted source

Following these steps will make your life a whole lot easier.

Use Secure Connections

If you are using an internet service that you are not too sure about like hotel provided internet, office net, internet cafés etc, then you have to make sure that you don’t share any critical information. There is a possibility that your information is being hacked or looked into by any other user on the same net, so you should be careful.

Keep Your Device In Sight

The internet is a very dangerous place but so is the rest of the world as people are constantly trying to get their hands on your personal information which they hope to exploit. Whenever you are out with your laptop, make sure that it is always in your sight. Even if you have to leave it, ensure that it is with a person you trust. You should also consider installing spy software on your computer which can keep track of it and back up your important data, just in case it gets stolen. One of the most used spy software for computer can be obtained from here: In other words, you should be alert in general and very careful about your privacy and personal gadgets, including laptops and desktop PCs.

XNSPY Review: This Cell Phone Spy App is the Perfect Parenting Hack

I’ve been reviewing parenting apps for as long as I can remember. Naturally, when this new, XNSPY came out, I was one of the firsts to jump at the opportunity to using it. Let me explain what XNSPY is in a nutshell. It’s a cell phone spy app for parents that enables parents to remotely look through their kid’s phone like a book. The big question is, does it really do what it says? I’m going to give you a sneak peak and say yes, but here’s my detailed analysis…

The User Interface

I like it when an app’s layout is simplistic and user-oriented. Parenting apps interfaces tend to be super complicated and it is time consuming having to understand how to use them. XNSPY’s interface is user friendly and very basic. On the side, you have all your feature tabs. On the main window, you’ve got your basic buttons that let you toggle a feature on/off, set your alerts and add contacts/words on your watchlist. Thing is, you’ll know it when you use it because it’s all very clean cut.

The Specs

So onto the features I was talking about. There are a lot of features, too much to fit into one review. But here is what they largely allow you to do:

  • Check your kid’s calls, SMS and IMs
  • Check their internet activity
  • Monitor their GPS location
  • Record their calls
  • Look at the stored media in their phones
  • Remotely control their phone

They’ve got plenty more features within this spectrum. It depends on which package you buy. The Basic package has the important features, but the Premium package has all of them.

Any Drawbacks?

Even though I thought it was better-rounded than most mobile spy apps, I did find a few things wrong with it. For starters, it is not compatible with Blackberry. And there is no way for you to go through Twitter DMs. But hopefully, an update should cover these loopholes.

Is XNSPY Worth Buying?

If you’ll take my word, I’d say XNSPY is a definite leader in the parental control market. Not only is it your best digital parenting hack, but it is a complete cell phone spy app too. If you’re a concerned parent look for a way to monitor your child’s phone, go for XNSPY.

Why King Pen Vapes’ Vaporizers Are the Best on the Online Market

Vaporizers are electronic devices which can be used to turn various substances into vapors for inhalation. Vaporizers are quite commonly sold online, and King Pen Vapes is one of the best online retailers that sell vaporizers via the internet. One might wonder why they should purchase King Pen Vapes’ vaporizers whenever they feel the need to purchase vaporizers. Well, the following are some of the most significant reasons why King Pen Vapes’ vaporizers are the best ones sold on the online market:

They come with a one year warranty

Each and every single one of the vaporizers sold by King Pen Vapes comes with a one year warranty. This means that if anything happens to a vaporizer that a person purchases from King Pen Vapes during the one year following the purchase, the customer can simply claim the vape’s warranty.

They come with free gifts

If a person wants to buy a vaporizer online, an extremely significant reason why they should buy one from King Pen Vapes is because all of the vaporizers the store sells come with free gifts. While the gifts the store sends to customers are not very valuable, they are definitely useful and fun.

They are as powerful as they can possibly be

The vaporizers sold by King Pen Vapes as powerful as they can possibly be, which means that they are not only capable of turning almost any substance into vapors but are also capable of doing so efficiently, effectively and quickly.

They are extremely exotic and beautiful

King Pen Vapes sells vaporizers that are not only available in a multitude of amazing colors but are also extremely well-crafted. This results in vaporizers that are nothing if not exotic, majestic and beautiful.

They are not too expensive

King Pen Vapes knows that not many people can afford to spend a fortune on vaporizers. This is the reason why King Pen Vapes has made sure that all of the vaporizers that the store sells to customers are not at all expensive and are light on the customers’ pockets.

They are extremely durable

The vaporizers offered to customers by King Pen Vapes are extremely durable, so even though the vapes sold by the company come with a one year warranty, a person might not need to cash the warranty in after all. The vapes sold by this store can take bravely face a considerably large amount of use.

Underground Storm Shelters

The first step to get a storm shelter or safe room installed is to contact a recognized company that installs storm shelters and safe rooms. Your installer should be a locally owned and operated Storm Shelter and Safe Room company. All of their shelters should be rated to withstand an F-5 Tornado and meet FEMA requirements.

Your installer will see if you require a permit for your shelter or safe room. Some outlaying areas do not require a permit. So talk to your installer to find out where the best area would be.

For Underground Storm Shelters in Oklahoma a permit is typically required and your installer should have the permit applications on file. They will come to your house and measure where the shelter is going on your property in regards to your property lines. Then they will get a site plan drawn up and make on the site plan where the shelter is going in relation to your house, the side property line, and the back yard property line. They will give you the permit application and get that filled out. They should also provide you a copy of the engineer plans for the shelter. You will bring the permit application, site plan, and engineer plans for the shelter to the city and they will review the plans. They may tell you that your shelter needs to be 10 feet from the back property line and 5 feet from the side property line and if the site plan shows that then they will issue your permit. If the shelter needs to be moved you will change the site plan to show that the shelter will be within the guidelines they say, then the city will issues your permit for the shelter.

For a underground garage shelter the city requires a permit application and the engineer plans for the shelter and a site plan on where it is going in the garage. Your installer will give you the permit application, site plan for the garage, and the engineer drawings. Then you bring the paperwork to the city and they will process your permit for the garage shelter. The garage shelters do not have any guidelines as to the property line so the garage shelter permits are easier to process.

There are some cities in Oklahoma that will allow you to email in the information and they will review everything and call you about the permit, you can pay for the permit over the phone and the city will mail you the permit. Your installer should have the email addresses of the contacts at the cities that will process the permits that way.

Prior to any shelter being installed OKIE Dig is called to mark the lines to ensure that there are no lines where we are wanting to install the shelter. Oklahoma Shelters is a locally owned and operated Storm Shelter and Safe Room Company, you can call us at 405-367-7901 or visit Oklahoma Storm Shelters for a free consultation.